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A blind date gone wrong?

Or so very right?

Emma Chambers has loved her brother’s best friend, Ryker Jones, for years. But he has never made a move on her.

Until one day when his practical joke-loving ways, landed him in hot water and he was forced to stand in for the Stallions mascot instead of being on the ice with his team. When Emma appears on the KissCam, Ryker gives in to the temptation to pull off one last practical joke.

A joke that leads to a very unexpected kiss.

A kiss that has his agent convinced he needs a fake fiancé for the holidays. To prove to the hockey league that he is settling down and his prank-loving days are over.

The only problem? He has to convince Emma to do it. And Emma needs to guard her heart even harder. Because walking away from Ryker will be impossible if she lets herself fall for his charm and charisma.

But who says she can’t play for keeps?

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I’ve loved Liz McAllister from afar for years. As my best friend’s little sister, however, she was strictly off-limits. So I kept my distance. 

Then she ran off with my arch-nemesis. Danny Ellison is a bad guy who’s only interest in Liz is to use her to hurt me. 

I had no idea how much.

Until one day she returned to our home town with two children in tow, and a lot of healing to do. I gave her the space and time to do it, while pursuing my dreams of playing pro football. A knee injury has me sitting out the season, and I’ve decided it’s time.

I’m done waiting. 

Liz McAllister was always meant to be mine. And I’ll do anything to keep her safe.

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