Books written as FD Everly

The Phoenix Crown Saga begins.
There is a prophecy that when the world’s need is greatest, King Arthur will return to save us from the darkness. 

But the Once and Future King cannot do it alone. He needs his Queen.

Guinevere was born to rule a Kingdom, but the darkness has fallen over the World threatening everything she loves. With the aid of her bodyguard, Lancelot, and her Phoenix powers, she will fight for her people. 

Only Lancelot knows who she really is. Two thousand years ago, he fell in love with her. When she was the wife of a King. 

A union that hasn’t happened yet…

A history he will do anything to prevent.

Because the love of a Fae is powerful. But the love of a Phoenix is eternal.

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My life has become a storm of bitter darkness. Black waters swept me beneath their merciless depths as I watched a man I loved fight a different kind of darkness. One that threatens our people with extinction.

I never expected to open my eyes. To see the pink and purple skies of dawn, as my husband, a Prince of the Fae, held me in his arms.

Waking in the arms of a long dead Pendragon was beyond my wildest imagination.

Darkness threatens that of the Once and Future King.

A Shadow Army that knows no bounds.

Nor the bounds of time.

And an alliance between a Phoenix and a Pendragon might be all that stands between life and eternal damnation.

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